Casual Clothes for Women – be casual and stylish

You may want to know how to dress with casual and informal and look stylish and fashionable. EasyFashionTrend is going to tell you some important tips about casual clothes for women.

1. White T-shirt

Wearing a white T-shirt is a smart casual style. Plain and simple is the beauty of white T-shirts. But how should T-shirts be styled with?

1a. White T-shirt + A-line skirt

You may want to wear a skirt for dating in order to be feminine, but do not want the men think that you meticulously dress up. Then, a white T-shirt + an A-line skirt is your perfect choice, which is simple and pretty. The A-line skirt can make you look slimmer! It will also make your legs look loner if you tuck in your T-shirt.

Casual clothes for womenCasual clothes for women

1b. White T-shirt +  Cardigan

For the cool weather, a white T-shirt styled with a oversize cardigan is definitely a stylish and layering matching. Cardigan with plain and single color is recommended. You may try this simple, stylish and comfortable clothing idea.

Casual clothes for women

1c.  White T-shirt + jeans

Simple and classic clothing style for ladies who have sexy body shape. You do not need any extra jewelries or clothing ideas. You may try V-neck or tied T-shirt, which look casual but sexy.

Casual clothes for women

2. White shirt

White shirts are practical choices. They can be worn as tops, outerwear or shawls. And a white shirt can be styled with many pants(most commonly like a jeans or a wide-leg pant) or a skirt.

Casual clothes for womenCasual clothes for womenCasual clothes for women

3. jeans

Are there any clothing ideas are more casual and stylish than a jeans styled with a suitable top?  NO~ Jeans can be styled with almost every tops. If you do not want to spend much thoughts on clothed matching. Jeans are perfect for you.

Tips: You may not want a jeans covering your ankles.

Casual clothes for women

4. Blazer

A blazer is good for business casual clothing. You may wear a blazer for office work , meeting or interviews.

For tops, a shirt or T-shirt can be worn under a blazer. You can then wear a tight pants, tight jeans or a skirt. Also, a blazer styled with dress is nice-looking.

Casual clothes for womenCasual clothes for womenCasual clothes for women

5. Pencil skirt / Straight skirt

Pencil skirt or straight skirt can be worn in business casual clothing or leisure clothing. You can wear a pencil skirt in office or college. A pencil skirt or straight skirt is easily match and styled. You may wear a top of a T-shirt, shirt and a outerwear like a blazer.

Casual clothes for womenCasual clothes for women

6. Black Sweater – V-neck / crew-neck / high neck

For cold or cool weather, a black sweater may be your good choice. Black sweater is a smart casual and comfortable apparel. The most important is that black sweater can match with various styles of apparels.

Casual clothes for womenCasual clothes for women

7. Wrap Dress

The V-neck design of wrap dress make you look more feminine and thinner. Wrap dress is a very convenient choice because it has no necessity to be styled with any apparels. And it is suitable for many situations like office work, dinner or dating.

Casual clothes for women

When do you wear casual outfits?

-Office work

For office work, you may choose a black sweater and a pencil skirt/straight skirt, which is a smart casual style and make you look more mature. Of cause, for more business casual style, you may wear a blazer for outerwear.

Casual clothes for women

-In college

As a college student, you may want to wear clothes that are plain and simple. So, for tops, a white T-shirt or a white shirt is perfect. Then you can style with a jeans or an A-line skirt. Simple but attractive!

Casual clothes for womenCasual clothes for women

-Date Night

For the date night with your significant other, you want to look beautiful and attractive with comfortable and casual clothes? You may try the pink wrap dress. You will look casual but sexy.

Casual clothes for women