Clothes for Short women – Comprehensive tips making you look taller!

Clothes for Short women

Many ladies lack confidence because of height. Height is fixed and we cannot change it, but we can have some clothing skills to make you look taller. easyFashionTrend is gonna share with you 8 important tips about clothes for short women.

1. Make Upper body looks short and Lower body looks long

What does this mean? It means wearing high-waist dresses or pants. This is the best way to make you look taller. High waist can make you legs look longer so that your height looks taller. The so-called high waist is line cut at the thinnest part of you waist part~

Clothes for Short women

2. The length of dress/skirt is important

We use umbrella skirts as example:

  • The micro and mini skirts most suit short women
  • Knee length and below knee skirts are also suitable
  • The medi, maxi or ankle length skirts make you look short, because calves are partly showed which cause visually short.
  • If the dress/skirt is long enough to cover you ankle, it is OK then.

When the dress/skirt is longer, the focus move down. But the maximum length of the dress/skirt reaches, the lower body is in entirety. Then the focus move upward.

Clothes for Short women

3. For long skirts, shift skirts are better than umbrella skirts

Many ladies like wearing long skirts. For long skirts, you may try shift skirts, which make you look taller.

Different from umbrella skirts, shift skirts is OK to show bare ankles.

Clothes for Short women

(you may compare which one looks taller~)

4. Length of pants are also important

-for straight pants,

Clothes for Short women

-for tight pants,

ALL are OK.

But the fourth one looks not that good, because the focus is on the knees, which make the legs look worse.

Clothes for Short women



5. Length of socks also affect your visual heigh

The socks with medium lengths make you look shorter. Why? Since only small part of your leg is shown. And the socks in the picture is black in color, so the focus is moved down. If the color of socks is closed to color of your skin, that will be another analysis.

Clothes for Short women

6. Shape of outerwear

  • The straight/H-shaped outerwear with straight shape make you look longer, so it make you look taller.
  • The O-shaped outerwear makes focus on you moved down, so it does not make you look taller
  • The shaped/X-shaped outerwear make your waist look slimmer so that make you look taller.
  • The A-line outerwear move the focus down.

Clothes for Short women


All outerwear that show a H shape/straight shape is suitable for short women. Choose the style you like most~

Clothes for Short women

7. Roll sleeves

Roll sleeves, then you look taller! So easy, right?!

Clothes for Short women

(compare and feel the difference)

8. same clothing, necklace make you look taller

A necklace not only make you look taller, but also make you more charming.

Clothes for Short women